Desctructo could be the new g-house king



When you talk about Los Angeles people like John Tejada, Crystal Method, among other acts can come to mind but if you look a little bit deeper the name, Gary Richards, would come up as well. He’s been doing events and DJing for more than a decade and has created one of the most famous festivals in California (Hard Summer and Holy Ship). Now he’s taking his craft to a new level, as a DJ/producer, under the name Destructo. His West Coast EP came out in 2014 and it’s one of the best things I’ve heard so far. His EP represents a lot of the California hip hop sound with a house twist. We spoke to him over the phone for a brief interview and we got a bit of a better understanding of what he’s all about.
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Fritz Kalkbrenner – Void (Gui Boratto Remix)


Void is the new single from German native Fritz Kalkbrenner, released on 20th January via SUOL/BMG and once again showcases Kalkbrenner’s boundless capabilities as a songwriter, vocalist and producer.

Taken from his imminently released third studio album Ways Over Water, Kalkbrenner’s most recent offering exemplifies a more refined method in production where classic song structure takes precedence over more common electronic elements, transcending classic dance genres like Techno or House.