From One World to Another: Maritime Festival Life



As many of you probably don’t know my music tastes and talents originate from an entirely different spectrum of music. I grew up a classical violinist, which meant spending many, many hours in a room by myself practicing. Little did I know there was so much more out there, I considered myself ignorant of the vastness of the musical world. Needless to say my eyes were opened once I went on to begin my musical studies at Memorial University. It was there that I began to broaden my horizons and explore every aspect of music and the many different types of musicians and types of music there are in the world.  Of all of the experiences that opened my eyes, my first festival would be the one that stuck most keenly in my memory and has had the most lasting effects on my life. For those of you old enough to remember, the very last Sunseekers Ball happened to be my introduction to this world away from home, and it was an entirely different world to me to say the least. The words “freedom” and “happiness” always come to mind when I think about it. These words to me, equally describe every one of the festivals I’ve had the pleasure of attending and playing at. Ever since that fateful weekend I have been increasingly enthralled by the people and atmosphere of these gatherings.
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Lindstrøm and Grace Hall – Home Tonight (Video)


Norwegian disco producer Hans-Peter Lindstrøm continues to explore new territory in the studio, finding transfixing new ways to propel listeners through sonic space. Today, he unveils the visualizer for his new single Home Tonight with Grace Hall. Directed by Petter Tangmyr, the colour-saturated clip sees the Skin Town singer and her wolf-masked accomplice pulling off a Thelma & Louise–esque heist during a surrealist drive through a sunset hued L.A.