Amalgm8 Musiq – T.A13 – No Return ep

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Our 11th release is one that we have waited a very long time for and we can finally bring you this 4 tracker of Juggernaut no holds barred in your face underground techno from man on fire T.A13.   All 4 of the originals on this release are stripped back to the purest elements of raw dark industrial edged techno and reflect perfectly that gritty proper Berlin underground techno sound that T.A13 champions with an unbridled passion.

Dr. Lektroluv – Through The Night EP


Belgian’s finest green skinned DJ is back. Having helped define the early ’00s electro sound with his seminal compilations, the good Doctor has turbo-charged the sound of acts like ADULT. and Legowelt on his new single, ‘Through The Night’. Complete with remixes from Sharam Jey and Etnik and a ferocious bonus track, ‘Belgiant’, the entire EP is now streaming on Soundcloud and available to buy from Juno today.

Leo Abrahams – Chain (CFCF Remix)


‘Chain’ is the 2nd single to be taken from producer and guitarist Leo Abrahams forthcoming album, ‘Daylight’ (released 20th November) and features vocals from his frequent studio sparring partner, and one of the godfathers of electronic music, Brian Eno. Check out the remix by CFCF